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Eyecon’s Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is the big-winning version of the Fluffy slots, featuring a 5 reel by 3 row design filled with colourful symbols. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is a medium variance slot, complete with a 89.9% Return to Player Rating, and 25 ways to win in the fixed betway pattern. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot comes with some special bonus additions such as a Free Spins Bonus Round, a Risk or Gamble Double Game, Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols and more! Play Fluffy Favourites Jackpot at Super Mega Fluffy Rainbow Vegas Jackpot Casino, where you can access over 700 casino slots online, and benefit from our welcome offer of 500 free spins added to your first deposit as a new player.

About Fluffy Favourites Jackpot

You have heard of Fluffy Favourites and Fluffy Too, but have you played Fluffy Favourites Jackpot? Eyecon have developed Fluffy Favourites Jackpot, an addition to the Fluffy slot series loved by many for the colourful animal characters and strong bonus features. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is known for huge payouts and cash prizes, which has a nice edge on the other versions of this slot. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot still features the same colourful stuffed animal characters as the previous versions, which creates the same Eyecon design to the rest of their slots. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is set in an amusement park, the same setting for the other popular versions of this slot by Eyecon. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is complete with 5 reels and 3 rows, keeping things famously simple in this version of the game - this allows Fluffy Favourites Jackpot to be accessible by even beginner players, offering sufficient spacing and clear navigation for every betway available in the game. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is considered to have medium variance with a low return to player rating of 89.9%, a particularly low variance rating to any slot at this online slots casino. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is famously known for huge payouts, with up to 10,000 times your stake up for grabs in this slot. The volume of the payouts available in Fluffy Favourites Jackpot, causes the RTP rating to drop in the development of this game - Eyecon have simply made the huge payouts of Fluffy Favourites Jackpot slightly harder to reach, which is a common design feature for all slot games. This simply means that in Fluffy Favourites Jackpot, if you are up for a slight challenge, you will be rewarded with higher payouts which go beyond usual payouts at this online slots site. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot also comes with special bonus features in the game, to add something extra to this unique slot. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot comes with the usual strong free spins bonus feature which is found in essentially all of Eyecon’s slots - you can win up to 400 free spins in this feature, which is a great win by any standards at this online slots casino. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot also comes with a Risk or Gamble Feature, which can potentially double your wins or lose it all - this feature is an exciting addition for risk-taking players, which also offers the chance to win huge money in Fluffy Favourites Jackpot! Like all slots, Fluffy Favourites Jackpot also comes with the usual wild symbols and scatter symbols which are keys to higher wins, at this online casino.

The Beloved Theme

There is a reason why Eyecon have developed so many slots of the Fluffy Favourites theme, as seen in Fluffy Favourites Jackpot and other versions of the saga: players cannot get enough of the colourful stuffed animal characters of the game, which is understandable as they are truly adorable. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is set across 5 reels and 3 rows, for a basic design which is very easy to play, regardless of your player ability or experience. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot also features a standard betway pattern which is easy to memorise, making the slot easy to get a hang of and play repeatedly. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot includes all versions of the fluffy characters including elephants, unicorns, rhinos and bears - each with unique colours to create the colourful design which Eyecon are so famously known for, at this online casino. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is set in an amusement park, where the fluffy characters are always set to fulfil the fairground theme. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is complete with plenty of colour and character, with a cheerful soundtrack added and audio effects to play when you make a win to aid in celebration. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is compatible with many major devices as a modern slot, available to play at this online casino on mobiles, tablets and desktop devices.

The Bonus Features & Payouts

You may have played the original and previous versions of Fluffy Favourites Jackpot, but what makes this slot so new and exciting is the huge payouts available in this game in comparison to the other versions. In Fluffy Favourites Jackpot, you can win up to 10,000 times your slot which can generate huge wins as far as Eyecon slots are concerned. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is slightly more challenging to win due to these high payouts, which only adds to the fun of the slot. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot does include the usual Free Spins Feature which we have seen in all Eyecon slots, offering up to 400 free spins for lucky players of the slot. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot also includes a Risk and Gamble Feature, which can either double your wins for huge returns, or you risk losing it all in a gamble. Such a feature in Fluffy Favourites Jackpot adds a certain thrill to the slot, but is only suitable for those who enjoy a gamble feature at this online slots casino.

About the Developers & Similar Slots to Play

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is developed by Eyecon, known for their creation of the beloved Fluffy Favourites saga, available at this online casino. If you loved Fluffy Favourites Jackpot and want to try more slots which feature these characters, try Fluffy in Space, Fluffy Favourites or Fluffy Too - all of which are by Eyecon and are very similar to Fluffy Favourites Jackpot.